Save the Valley Endorses Bipartisan Slate in Chadds Ford Township Supervisor Election

Supervisor Election 2015

October 20, 2015

BEAVER VALLEY, DE/PA, October 20, 2015 – For the past 2 ½ years Save the Valley has worked to preserve open space in our community. Chadds Ford is being negatively impacted by the overdevelopment and governance failures in nearby Concord Township and northern Delaware. The upcoming Supervisor elections in Chadds Ford Township are crucial to prevent the tide of unwanted development and traffic from spreading directly to Chadds Ford. Save the Valley is taking the step this election cycle to endorse candidates who are qualified for and are committed to this fight.

Our endorsements are based on who is most likely to be effective, regardless of party affiliation. Also, we choose not to support candidates who refuse to debate the issues or engage in substantive dialogue. It is our position that the issue of open space transcends political parties. Successfully addressing the issue of overdevelopment, as well as all the consequences that come from it, can be done by Republicans and Democrats alike. Voting for someone at the local level because of political ties only, while ignoring the urgency of the development issue, is a prescription for failure.

Fortunately, it is our conclusion that two candidates running for election stand out as the type of champions for open space that Chadds Ford Township needs and deserves. We endorse Samantha Reiner and Alan Horowitz, and encourage Chadds Ford voters to split their ticket and vote for both of them.

Samantha Reiner – Republican/Incumbent


Samantha has performed admirably as a Supervisor since being appointed in February. Her experience as township manager in Edgemont, as well as knowledge gained from chairing the Chadds Ford Open Space Committee and the Strategic Advisory Committee, enables her to be a very effective advocate for our cause. She has demonstrated leadership on important conservation issues and we have no doubt she will continue to do so. Although running unopposed, we think it is important to express our strong support for her election to office.

Alan Horowitz – Democrat/Challenger


As an environmental lawyer and a strong advocate for keeping Chadds Ford’s remaining open space undeveloped, Alan clearly has the qualifications and commitment we are looking for. Based on his public statements and his willingness to answer our questions, we believe he will be a bulldog against unwanted development and can encourage bipartisan dialogue on important issues facing the Township. His professionalism will be a valuable asset to the Board and to its overall quality. We support Alan over his election opponent Noelle Barbone.

Our Mission

Save the Valley’s mission is to preserve the unprotected acres of Beaver Valley in Pennsylvania and Delaware by facilitating public awareness, public education, mobilization, and action regarding the protection of Beaver Valley. We are a group of local, action-oriented citizens who share a common love for Beaver Valley and aim to preserve it for future generations.

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