Local Action: Strengthen DNREC!

Calling all Delawareans!

Frustrated that your voice is not being heard on important issues? It’s time to take local action! Strengthening our immediate community is arguably more important than taking action on a national level.

What happened

A new governor means new cabinet picks. The Republicans in the Delaware State Senate yesterday blocked Gov. Carney's pick for Secretary of DNREC (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control), Shawn Garvin. Shawn is a native Delawarean who has been a dedicated public servant fighting for reasonable environmental protection. Most recently, he served as the Regional Administrator for the EPA, based in Philadelphia with Delaware as part of the region. This guy is clearly qualified for the job of environmental protection.

“The 10-member Senate Republican Caucus did not issue a statement on why its members opposed Garvin. Minority Whip Greg Lavelle, R-Sharpley, said each person had different reasons but declined to list his own.”, as stated in The News Journal’s article.

What this means

The vote did not happen, but the nomination will likely be brought up again after the special election in February.

What you can do about it

  • Find your state senator at: legis.delaware.gov
  • Call them (find their number in the list below). Make sure you let them know they’re your senator. Tell them...

    Please support Shawn Garvin for Secretary of DNREC. He is qualified and a native Delawarean who can work for a clean environment AND a strong economy. Don’t play political games with the environment! Do what’s best for Delaware!

  • Call 3 additional people from list below who blocked the nomination.
  • Email Governor Carney’s office to say we’re with him:

Estimated time: 6 minutes
When you’re done, please comment in the forum below to let us know who you called!


DE State Senators

(302) area code...
(D) Harris McDowell - 744-4147
(D) Margaret Rose - 744-4191
(D) Robert Marshal - 744-4168
(R) Gregory Lavelle - 744-4197  (blocked nomination)
(R) Catherine Cloutier - 478-9616  (blocked nomination)
(R) Ernesto Lopez - 744-4136  (blocked nomination)
(R) Anthony Delcollo - 744-4306  (blocked nomination)
(D) David Sokola 744-4139
(D) John Walsh 744-4163
(D) Bethany Hall-Long 744-4138
(D) Bryan Townsend 744-4165
(D) Nicole Poore 744-4164
(D) David B. McBride 744-4167
(D) Bruce Ennis 744-4310
(R) David Lawson 744-4237  (blocked nomination)
(R) Colin Bonini 744-4169  (blocked nomination)
(D) Brian Bushweller 744-4162
(R) F. Gary Simpson 744-4134  (blocked nomination)
(R) Brian Pettyjohn 744-4117  (blocked nomination)
(R) Gerald Hocker 744-4144  (blocked nomination)
(R) Bryant Richardson 744-4298  (blocked nomination)

If your state senator calls you back

If your state senator calls you back and says that Shawn Garvin isn’t qualified, ask them how. If the reason is because he worked for the Obama administration, tell them that sounds purely political and to not put politics over environmental protection and the well-being of Delaware! Ask them what their environmental priorities are, what they are going to do to protect clean air and clean water in Delaware. And tell them what you care about - like the nearby stream that you wish was cleaner or protecting Beaver Valley or air pollution causing climate change and its impacts on Delaware.

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